You are an artist signed to our label.

Our partner roster represents hit collaborations that will have the media abuzz and kids singing in the aisles.


1) Define your goals:
Work side by side with the Jump with Jill team to identify what you want to accomplish.



2) Stop, collaborate & listen:
Based on your goals, we lay down the strategy for your ideal geography and target audience.



3) Craft your image:
We develop the aesthetics for your project so you look, sound, and feel authentic to your fan base.



4) Mic check one two:
Kick your feet up, while we finalize every last detail of your project - logistics with venues and hotels, quality control for deliverables, and dialing up your media list. Are you ready to rock?!



5) Rock Out:
Turn on your out-of-office auto-reply, and hit the road with the show! Bring out your funders and stakeholders for VIP treatment with the cast and crew, so they can see their efforts in action.



6) Cheer for the encore:
After the show high wears off, we'll talk impact and make recommendations to continue the momentum for future projects.





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