National Watermelon Promotion Board

Partner's Needs

Educate kids and families about the benefits of watermelon

Campaign Goals

  • Grow kids' outreach capability for the NWPB
  • Create customized integrations of watermelon content into the live show
  • Educate kids about the benefits of watermelon
  • Promote the partnership to the public through owned and earned media, mobile van wrap, and custom educational tools
  • Report bi-annually on program impact and provide ideas to grow the partnership

Our Solution

Create a custom platform for watermelon to shine, literally. We built a podium in our live show for our headphone-wearing watermelon, DJ Homeslice. As a blanket sponsor, watermelon is highlighted in every appearance: schools, public events, conferences, and  media placements. Together, we have produced multiple music videos, educational materials, and award-winning media, all geared toward a new audience and important audience that was now accessible to the National Watermelon Board thanks to Jump with Jill. Now in its ninth year, DJ Homeslice has had a live show attendance of 700,000 with a with lifetime impressions of the partnership at 37.1 million. 


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