Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA)

Partner's Needs

Support the Texas Farm Fresh Initiative implementation

Campaign Goals

  • Develop comprehensive strategy to build program awareness: 
    delivery of school assemblies, taste tests, and follow-up tools in schools with strategic geographic focus, driving school engagement, and evaluating efficacy
  • Improve the health of the community, specifically increasing consumption of fruits, vegetables, low-fat milk products
  • Customize all materials to include promotion of seasonal products
  • Leverage media to promote the partnership
  • Build a program that can scale across the state for the multi-year RFP

Our Solution

A custom-built platform to implement the Farm Fresh Initiative called the Texas Farm Fresh Jump with Jill Live Tour. Now in its fifth year, the statewide tour has supported 100 shows reaching over 35,000 students. The partnership has resulted in over 4.5 million lifetime impressions. The approach is built around deep engagements with Texas communities, schools, and families on the topic of nutrition and locally sourced produce. Each year, a geographic area of Texas is selected and schools are canvased to apply. Schools win the show and receive supporting educational materials and coaching for teachers to implement the tools in the classroom. Selected classrooms participate in taste tests of local foods. Extensive evaluations over the years have proved the powerful impact of Jump with Jill including an increase in: (1) willingness for students to try new foods (98%!), (2) confidence that students can choose healthy foods that will improve their health (which was sustained over time!), and (3) instructional time teachers spend teaching nutrition. The partnership includes two competents to include the public in educational efforts: public events at the Texas State Fair, conferences, and local farmer's markets and a strategic media campaign in areas where the tour takes place. Jump with Jill serves to enroll schools in the Farm Fresh Initiative so that when schools serve up Texas produce, kids will enthusiastically accept them.


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