Moberly Regional Medical Center

Partner's Needs

Improve the health of the Moberly community by supporting impactful nutrition education programming in schools 

Campaign Goals

  • Bring interesting, inspiring talents and ideas to the rural area of Moberly
  • Make high-level connections of Moberly funders and incorporate their wellness agendas into the show
  • Meet the needs schools have for nutrition education


Our Solution

A school-based education program to engage schools in the Moberly service area. Now in its 2nd year, the Jump with Jill Live Tour Presented by Moberly Regional Medical Center has rocked 12 shows reaching almost 3,500 student across the Moberly community. Serving both an arts and health agenda, the tour served to bring together leading organizations in the Moberly community. The Spartan Wellness Warrior made appearances at each Moberly school and funders meeted-and-greeted while attending the show. The tour serves a crucial role for the hospital's marketing department to get face time with influential people in their community while showcasing their community outreach.  


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