Junior League of Lafayette

Partner's Needs

Improve the Lafayette community through educational initiatives while engaging and training their volunteers

Campaign Goals

  • Guarantee attendance and use resources efficiently
  • Improve the Lafayette community by inciting lasting change
  • Ignite awareness about their work in the community
  • Provide volunteers with meaningful community engagement and leadership opportunities
  • Serve as a mouthpiece for national level initiative

Our Solution

A custom-built platform to engage the community called the Nutrition Rock Invasion Jump with Jill Live Tour presented by Junior League of Lafayette! Now in its sixth year, this program activates the national level food education program Kids in the Kitchen while guaranteeing program attendance. The partnership began by bussing local students to a theater. With careful strategic planning that uncovered bussing costs were greater than the Jump with Jill spend, the tour now visits each participating school which doubled attendance with no budgetary increase. Focused on training volunteers, the organization has a Jump with Jill Chair and committee devoted to school engagement before and after the show to implement customized educational materials.


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