Capital BlueCross

Partner's Needs

Engage target communities with direct-to-consumer health prevention messaging with in-school performances and media

Campaign Goals

  • Support sales strategy for schools enrolled in Capital BlueCross
  • Engage communities with direct-to-consumer health prevention messaging
  • Leverage media to support the partnership
  • Build a program that can be activated for future annual tours

Our Solution

A custom-built service offering for meaningful marketing called the Jump with Jill Live Tour Presented by Capital BlueCross. Now in its third year, the tour annually reaches approximately 2,100 students directly and 100,000 adults. As part of their sales strategy for school engagement, Capital BlueCross selected schools in target communities to receive a spot on the tour. Participating schools also received activity books for each student and educational materials for PE teachers. The shows are promoted to the public with appearances at Retail Stores and a publicity campaign. Jump with Jill continues to grow with Capital BlueCross' strategy to prevent rather than treat disease. 


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