New Teacher Coaching Campaign

Empowering Classroom Teachers to Teach Nutrition

The purpose of this campaign was to increase the impact of the nutrition education program, Jump with Jill, on classroom teachers. Since classroom teachers are the gateway to effective program implementation, this year we designed a Coaching Emails campaign to further support the messages experienced in the live rock & roll nutrition assembly for K-5 students. In previous studies, teachers reported "lack of time" as one of the greatest barriers preventing them from using these tools.So while access continued to be offered for our printed and online nutrition education tools, this new strategy would focus specifically on making the tools more accessible to teachers by removing the time they would spend reviewing the tools and planning how to incorporate them into their classroom. The teacher coaching email campaign was developed to offer additional engagement points with encouraging messages, links to single tools, and suggestions for specific time frames for use. Below are the components of this important partnership between Jump with Jill and the Texas Department of Agriculture.

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Coaching Emails

Printed Materials

Digital Materials

Live Assembly


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Coaching Emails continued to enhance the impact of the Jump with Jill program, especially with the least engaged teachers.

  • The Jump with Jill program increases the amount of time teachers spend teaching nutrition.
  • The Jump with Jill program increases teacher confidence and willingness to teach nutrition and movement. 
  • Coaching Emails increased digital tool utilization. Compared to the 2018 tour timeframe, metrics on links provided in the Coaching Emails showed a substantial increase: views (+61.96%), impressions (+46.19%), sessions (+150.64%), users (+37.47%), and plays (+57.57%). The Coaching Emails serve as a reminder for teachers to enter the Jump with Jill ecosystem. The contact in itself drove search behavior and reminded teachers to re-visit suggested tools.
  •  All tools increased in use over time with the introduction of Coaching Emails. In the 2018 study without Coaching Emails, utilization fluctuated and decreased by follow-up.
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