We are those people at the party that tell you how much they love their jobs instead of complaining about toiling for “the man.” We are, after all, a certified Women Owned Small Business. We don’t have to act happy because we are happy. We are enthusiastic problem solvers dedicated to growing our personal skill sets and the competencies of our company. It is a place where you have the privilege of doing meaningful work at a high intensity. We are your work family to whom you dedicate part or all of your career. We see the problems in the world, and we work to fix them. We are grateful. We dance in the rain. We are changing the world together.

Jill Jayne
Jill Jayne, MS, RD - "Creator and Big Cheese"

Jill is the Rockstar Nutritionist and the creator of the rock & roll nutrition experience, Jump with Jill, where she serves as writer, executive producer, and partnership development specialist. Jill’s passion to educate and empower students to make healthy choices is what has fueled her company to perform for over 1.4 million students worldwide. As the brains behind the operation, she has the credentials to back it up as a Registered Dietitian (RD/RDN) with an MS in Nutrition Education from Teachers College Columbia University. When you join the Jump with Jill client roster, you hire one of the great minds in the industry to make your partnership stand out in any crowd! 

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Hailey Zoccoli
Hailey Zoccoli – “Director of Operations”

Hailey is to sunshine as Chuck Norris is to beard enthusiasts. A legend in the world of event logistics, travel schedules, and press outreach, Hailey will sprinkle her magical rays of sunshine to bring your partnership to life and take on the world. Hailey is dedicated to making things move on time with a smile!

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Tia Turner
Tia Turner – “Office Magician"

Tia specializes in ensuring that every detail of your partnership rocks and that the world knows about it! Tia develops research protocols, captures impressions, and implements social media strategy with meticulous focus and care. Need numbers? Tia’s got ‘em to quantify and qualify the impact behind your partnership for the world and your boss!

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Mark Jayne
Mark Jayne, EdM - "Manager"

Mark Jayne is the corporate behind the creative. With his fabulous hair, Mark is the internal trainer for your messaging and cheerleader for your strategy so our team succeeds on your field. In addition to serving as the Staff Whisperer, he develops the strategy that guides Jump with Jill tomorrow and in the future.

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Jump with Jill - Kat
Kat Pacek - "Insanity Prevention Unit"

Kathryn Pacek manages the smallest level of detail at the Jump with Jill mothership - the day-to-day office operations. She keeps the office running smoothly by managing inventory, preparing deliverables, and stocking our post-its for our next big idea. Kat makes sure the cast and crew have what they need to make your partnership rock!

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